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Chandi Mandira

Barabati Fort



Cuttack, the former capital and one of the oldest towns in Odisha is said to be founded by Nripati Kesari. It lies at the head of the Mahanadi delta and is virtually an island surrounded by the great river and its tributary, the Kathajuri. a stone embankment on the Kathajuri river, built in the 11th century by a king of Kesari dynasty is a marvel of engineering. Cuttack lies 29 kms. from Bhubaneswar and is well connected by rail and road.

Around Cuttack

Swarajya Ashram

The Historic building on the Kathajuri river front is closely associated with the Freedom Movement in Odisha and the Congress party. It is a protected monument under the State Archaeology.

Barabati Fort

The ruins of 14th century fort are silent sentinels to the rich historical legacy of Odisha. It was the capital of ancient and medieval Odisha and Ganga rulers like Anangabhima III, Narasimha I, Kapilendradeva, Purushottamdeva and Prataprudradeva ruled from here. The Shahi Mosque with beautiful domes lies inside the Barabati Fort.

Cuttack Chandi Temple

This popular temple is dedicated to the presiding deity of the city. It is a must visit site for every devotee visiting Cuttack.

Kadam-i-Rasul Shrine

The beautiful shrine set in the heart of the town was built by Shujaddin Khan. It is famous for the foot print of Prophet Mohammad, engraved in a circular stone. The magnificent dome outside is adorned with golden pinnacle.


It is a major sea port and a fine beach resort. The beautiful marine drive here is very popular among the visitors.

Ratnagiri, Lalitgiri, Udayagiri

These three hills have ruins of a remarkable Buddhist complex. Hieun-T'sang, the Chinese pilgrim found it to be the seat of a florishing Buddhist University called "Puspagiri". Extensive ruins of brick pagodas, sculptured stone portals and esoteric Buddist images have been excavated from here. Ratnagiri is 70 kms., Lalitgiri is 55 kms. and Udayagiri is 60 kms. From Cuttack..