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Lingaraj Temple

Raja Rani Temple

Nadankanan Zoo


known as the "Temple City" or the "Cathedral City" of the East. This abode of Shiva or Tribhubaneswar, the "Lord of the Three Worlds" is one of the most important Hindu pilgrim centres. It is believed that the city once had about 7000 temples of which 500 still exist. These shrines are a gentle reminder of the splendour, the heritage that was once India. Bhubaneswar, the ancient capital of the Kalinga empire is today the modern capital of Odisa.

Lingaraj Temple

This 11th century temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, as Lingaraj is the culmination of Odisha style of temple architecture. The temple set in a walled compound is noted for its imposing 54metres high spire, dominating the skyline of the town. The main sanctum surrounded by about 150 subsidairy shrines has a unique hari har lingam-halfShiva and half Vishnu. A large number of devotees visit the shrine, especially during annual Shivratri festival.

Raja rani Temple

The beautiful 11th century shrine amidst a well laid out garden is graced by erotic carvings and some of the finest Odishan temple sculptures.


The historic site is located on the Puri - Konark Highway, across Dhauli hill on the banks of river daya. The 3rd century B.C Ashokan Rock Edicts, on the foot of the hill indicate that the great 'kalinga War' was fought here. The bloody war transformed emperor Ashoka, who renounced his blood thirsty campaign and ambraced Buddhism. A Buddist Peace Pagoda was established on the opposite hill in the early seventies by the Japan Buddha sangha and Kalinga Nippon Budha sangha.

Khandagiri and Udayagiri Caves

Thye rock-cut caves at the twin hills of Khandagiri and Udayagiri, were the ancient Jain monasteries and are one of the most important Odisha historical monuments. The caves dating back to 2nd century B.c., were carved out by the first known Orissan ruler, Kharavela. Khandagiri has 19 caves, while Udayagiri has 44 caves, which includes the famous Hathi Gumpha and Rani Gumpha. Early sculptural art here depicts the life and times of Jainb ascetics.

Nandankanan zoo

The beautiful zoo carved out of the Chandaka forest is perhaps the finest in the country. The animals are kept in their natural habitat and a centrally located lake divides the Zoo from the Botanical gardens. the Zoo is famous for white tigers as well as migratory birds, which come here during winter. It also has the country's largest Lion safari park and White Tiger safari. There is also a Ropeway and Toy Train.

Odisha State Museum

It exhibits a fine collection of sculptures, coins, copper plates, stone inscriptions, armours, rare palm-leaf manuscripts, bronze age tools, natural history, geological objects, paintings, anthropological specimens and traditional folk and musical instruments etc.