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Gopalpur Sea Beach




Behrampur, the 'Silk City' of Odisha is an important commercial centre of the region. It is also well known for fine work on gold ornaments of southern design and delicious cuisine.

Some of the attractions are, the Thakurani Temple, jagannath Temple at Gosaninuagaon and Neela kantheswar Temple.

Around Berhampur


This charming beach resort is endowed with bracing and invigorating climate.


The tranquil sea-side town has emerged as a fine beach resort and attracts tourists from all over. The beautiful back water of the Blue Bay enhances the beauty of the quiet beach.


The hot water springs amidst lush forests are worth visiting. The hot water is channelized to a pond nearby to facilitate comfortable bathing. It is conveniently accessible by bus.


The hill-top temple of Taratarini, the twin Goddesses is noted for its immense natural beauty. The Scenic beauty is further enhanced by the encircling river Rushikulya. A large number of devotees visit the shrine especially on every Tuesday, during the Hindu month of Chitra.